Contractor Solutions Made Easy

About Mutual Group

Mutual Group as an umbrella company was established by agencies workers for the agency workers in response to many unscrupulous umbrella companies deliberately and recklessly mis-selling non tax complaint umbrella solutions to unsuspecting users who often are left to swallow the bitter pills when the schemes they have been wrongly sold are exposed.


Proud to be a member of the professional passport

Central to our ethics is tax compliance. Tax compliance is our holy grail as such we seek to legitimately utilize members tax free allowance within the framework of ITEPA 2003. However, we will not take an aggressive stance in its interpretation. Our policy is always to operate within both the letter and spirit of the law. 

Cooperation with Authorities

Strong working relationship with authorities

Central to the group tax policy is the maintenance and development of a strong working relationship with the relevant government institutions and other treasury departments based on trust and cooperation.

The group at all time will be transparent with all relevant government bodies and the public about how its tax affairs are managed as we believe in open and honest communication.

Contractor Solutions

Contracting is a lifestyle choice with huge benefits, but equally there can be a number of challenges. Don’t let choosing a payroll solution be one of them.

If you are working as a contractor, we can help with PAYE umbrella, self-employed, and CIS solutions. Whether you are a first time contractor or have been doing it for years, we have options that will suit your circumstances. Our focus is on exceeding your expectations with our service, ensuring you get paid on time and that you don’t end up with unwanted tax bills. Life as a contractor can be easy, especially with Mutual Group.

Business Solutions

Running a business is extremely rewarding, but it’s very easy to get bogged down in the minutia. That’s where business process outsourcing can change everything.

Rather than administering payroll, dealing with HR and other admin tasks, running sales and marketing campaigns or managing your social media yourself, we will ensure that these tasks are done accurately and effectively, by specialists. It is significantly more cost effective than employing someone to do it in-house and it will enable you to focus on the important tasks required to drive your business forward. Don’t stunt your growth potential by trying to do everything yourself. Mutual Group are here to help.